The Very Best Dog Photos From the #ModelChallenge

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A bunch of really, really, ridiculously good-looking pups are taking over the catwalk in a hashtag challenge sweeping across Facebook.

1. "Baby Arrow ready to claim the championship belt 😍 #modelchallenge"

2. "Altivo says he was humbly born ready for the #modelchallenge 😍🌈"

3. "New bow, who dis? #modelchallenge"

4. "A little grumpy about losing her spot, but happy to be a big sister #modelchallenge"

5. "Brothers edition of the #modelchallenge"

6. "Life is hard when you're handsome ❤️ #modelchallenge"

7. "Baxter rocking his goggles 😻🙌 #modelchallenge"

8. "Here's my furangel, Jade, during her photoshoot for her 2nd barkday. She was always camera ready and I miss taking portraits of her. #RIP #modelchallenge"

9. "He has no business being this cute 👽❤ #modelchallenge"

10. "Felt cute, won't delete later 💕🐺 #modelchallenge"

11. "Litol Frodo got some moves too! #modelchallenge"

12. "I took this cool portrait of bear and somehow made him look like a model 🤩📸 #boop #modelchallenge"

13. "My sweet 12-year-old Leonardo I adopted him 3 months ago and never left his side since that day. He is deaf and blind & as you can see absolutely gorgeous 💙 #modelchallenge"

14. "His eyes permanently default to smolder #modelchallenge"

15. "Aspen would like to join the #modelchallenge"

16. "Hamster's entry to the #modelchallenge she has the walk down."

17. "Basking in that good-good late afternoon lighting #goldenhour #modelchallenge"

18. "Hi everyone! This is my smiling boy, Rocky ☺️ #modelchallenge"

19. "Zander and Zali are 8 week old lab pups who haven’t grown into their eyebrows yet #modelchallenge"


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