18 Pictures That Prove Orange Cats Are The Goofiest Cats

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Give it up for the gingers of the world, the comedians of the feline world.

1. "Baldrick's best friend is a log"

2. "Donny is learning to count his toes and lost track"

3. "This box had the perfect cat face hole. My man drew this, then we waited."

4. "You might be cool but you'll never be as cool as Tiger JoJo rocking new wayfarers in a stroller. [cue chirping noises for the birds he just saw fly by]"

Future. So. Bright.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

5. "Have you ever seen a male cat that was obsessed with a baby? He’s sat outside the door for 2 weeks like a loaf waiting to be let in while I feed. Last night I let him meet (very supervised). He is in love with the baby!!"

6. "Rye trying to befriend his #1 enemy, the sqrt bottle"

7. "After 5 minutes of digging fruitlessly in the bowl, Weasley opted to finally just occupy it"

8. "This is Scamper, one of our shelter cats. What is he looking so smug about?"

9. "Brought my cats in for a family portrait. This is what we got. One of them wasn't happy; the other one definitely wasn't happy."

"'Will you sit up straight, good grief!' 'Yes, Dear'" 🙄

"'Will you sit up straight, good grief!' 'Yes, Dear'" 🙄


10. "Cheeto used her turn with the brain cell to trap her brother Puff under the tub he was playing with"

11. "Jack is willing to perform death defying tricks to find the one brain cell (we still have no idea how he climbed up here)."

12. "Himb's face when I told him he can't have a little jello, even as a treat."

Kids aren't the only ones who believe everything is a blood oath

13. "I think my cat might need to be reset to factory mode 🤷🏼‍♀️ how can I fix him?"

14. "One of our cats likes sinks. A lot. So we got a sink just for her. This is how she reacted."

15. "Our 9 month old Tails (our son named him) likes to bring us random stuff from outside. He loves bringing home freshly dug worms. Leaves in the autumn and even random plastic and bread.

Recently he came home with two fully intact pigeon eggs. As you can see, he was very proud to be a contributor and provide for the family."

16. "Can you all help me find Buster? He vanished, like the 1 brain cell all orange cats share into thin air!"

17. This is Clarence. He’s broke into my neighbor's house and ate the shark meat (editor's note: wait, what?), aggressively. He came over today and peed in their sink. He does just fine without the brain cell."

18. "Do you like my new glasses? I got them at Warby Parker. 🤣"


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