24 Photos That Prove Cats Are All-Star Sleepers

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These kitteh contortionists are a threat to nap anywhere, anytime, and in any position. Every surface, no matter how soft or hard, is a potential bed for them!

1. "Meet Frankie. He's half-cat, half-pretzel."

2. "Needed a second hand to help fix my car, instead I was sent a cat to fix my...recliner?"

3. "What in the Florida man is even happening here"

4. "I mean, how ridiculous can she get? 🤣"

5. "This is Skrållan. I aspire to be even a fraction of relaxed as he is"

6. "Gotta give the cat credit: It's one thing to have the vision to do this, it's another to execute on it"

7. What goes around, comes around ... #smush

8. "Of all the places a cat could choose to get some sleep..."

9. "Why is he on the top bunk when he's the chonk?!"

Of all the places a cat could choose to get some sleep...

10. "She hugz da butt"

11. "Yup, that's me, you may be wondering how i got here, honestly i do too, it all started when ..."

12. "These boots are made for (sleep) walking"

13. "Gravity? Nah, never heard of him."

14. "Log does not judge, log is supportive."

15. "How can that possibly be comfortable? Asking for a friend ¯_(ツ)_/¯"

16. "Where is the factory reset button on this model?"

17. "That's not how it works, my dude 🤦"

18. "I ordered an orange cat, but instead received this lazy snake. Please help?!"

19. "This is who my internet provider sent over to check on my modem 😑"

20. "Sometimes I put him at the base of a door to plug drafts 🌬️"

21. "Head should be in between the legs right?"

22. "All she does is sit on the internet all day and sleep?"

23. "I just a-door this photo"

24. "I got down on the ground to properly document this and I have no regrets!"


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