5 Unique Dog Toys That Float – Perfect for the Pool or Beach

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Many dogs enjoy cooling off from the summer heat with a dip in a cooling pool, lake, or stream. Bring along a toy or two to have an interactive game of fetch or keep their quiet attention while you relax at the water's edge.

These unique floating dog toys will make a splash with your dog.

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What to look for in a floating dog toy

While floating dog toys for the pool or beach may not be the most serious of products you might buy for your dog, there are still some things to consider and some aspects that separate certain toys from the rest of the pack.


Buoyancy​: This one's a given when looking for dog toys that float, but we had to say it. Some toys may be made from materials that float at first, but as they absorb more water, soon become too dense and heavy and begin to sink. Toys that are especially designed to float won't take in as much water, if any, so they can endure hours of water play without becoming lost to the depths.


Color:​ The toy's color scheme can also make a difference in whether it becomes easily lost (especially in a lake or ocean), or not. Bright, vibrant colors will better command your dog's attention and be easier for them to spot. Toys that camouflage with the water your dog is playing may be more difficult to find once you've tossed it into the water.


Grip​: Some toys have a tendency to become slippery when wet, so look for toys whose design makes them easier for your dog to grip in their mouth. These design elements might include special textured surfaces, nubs, ropes or other gripping mechanisms that are easy for your dog to grab onto.


Versatility​: While some floating toys might be intended for water play, the best toys will be fun for your dog on land or in the water.

With that said, here are some super fun dog toys that not only will float, but keep your dog entertained:


1. Kurgo Skipping Stones Dog Toy

$14.30 at Chewy

Who doesn't love to skip stones into a lake on a summer's day? If you're tired of your dog's look of disappointment as she paddles around looking for rocks that have long since sunk, this toy's for you.


Colorful floating "stones" have a flat bottom just perfect for skipping across the top of the water. The Kurgo Skipping Stones Dog Toy comes in vibrant colors you can see easily from a distance.

Kurgo Skipping Stones Dog Toy

2. Outward Hound Floatiez Octopus Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

$9.99 at Chewy


The Outward Hound Floatiez Octopus Squeaky Plush Dog Toy will look adorable floating around your backyard pool. Your dog will also love the easy-to-fetch shape.

A rubber tennis ball encased in the toy's head makes this octopus appeal to dogs who love to play ball. Quick-dry fabric arms keep the toy from getting soggy and offer convenient holding spots for smaller mouths.


Outward Hound Floatiez Octopus Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

3. Dog Toy Ball Tooth Cleaning Octopus Shape Jolly Ball

$8.99 at Amazon

When it's time to relax on the beach blanket, break out the Dog Toy Ball Tooth Cleaning Octopus Shape Jolly Ball. Pop a few treats inside, then smear the ball's bristles with some peanut butter or dog-friendly toothpaste to keep your dog entertained.

The natural rubber ball is specifically designed for small- to medium-sized dogs to clean teeth, relieve boredom, and help build natural intelligence. A squeaker inside the ball attracts their attention and multiple textures and shapes offer a variety of chewing surfaces.

Dog Toy Ball Tooth Cleaning Octopus Shape Jolly Ball

4. Chuckit! Hydroroller Dog Toy

$9.21 at Amazon

Toss the Chuckit! Hydroroller Dog Toy in the pool or lake for a game of fetch. When your dog brings it back, hold it under the water to fill the internal reservoir. Roll it across the beach or deck and watch the fun as it wobbles and squirts water as your dog pursues it. The durable rubber toy stands up to lots of play and comes in easy-to-see bright colors.

Chuckit! Hydroroller Dog Toy

5. Spunky Pup Fly & Fetch Fish

$11.81 at Amazon

Pull the built-in bungee cord of the Spunky Pup Fly & Fetch Fish and launch this toy up to 100 feet. Watch the stares as your dog swims to shore with a sizable fish in his mouth!

The ballistic nylon fish is lightweight and quick-drying, yet stands up to lots of play. This floating toy is also easy to use for a game of fetch on dry land.

Spunky Pup Fly & Fetch Fish


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