19 People Who Have Been Taken Hostage By Sleeping Cats

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Disturb your fur baby or let them keep on napping — for cat owners, the choice often isn't a choice at all. RIP productivity and all the things that need doing.

1. "Help. It's been an hour. I need to pee!"

2. "Everything was cool until the batteries on the remote died."

3. "Siri, will Grubhub deliver coffee from my kitchen to my home office?"

4. "I am a boat and she is my four-legged anchor."

5. "Current situation: need to go the bathroom but he’s so cute and peaceful and I don’t wanna wake hims. Anyone else have this problem? 😩😻"

6. "The timer on the oven chimed 5 minutes ago and yet here I still am ... "

7. "Good thing I don't have any important errands to run today. Oh wait ..."

8. "When there's a hot pizza that just got delivered to your doorsteps but the cat is using you as a human pillow"

9. "Hello 9-1-1, I've been taken hostage by a little heart."

10. "I would say this is a good time to start my rewatch of 'Mare Of Easttown,' but as my view of the television is presently obscured I just don't know"

11. "Good thing there wasn't a fire because I would have died before getting up"

12. "I guess I won't actually sleep in my bed - the couch will have to suffice"

13. "Breathing through the mouth has been disabled - switching to nose auxiliary."

14. "Shrimp says Sundays are for cuddling, not housework!"

Shrimp isn't wrong.


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Video of the Day

15. "I can pause my workout, that's fine. Always important to incorporate rest between sets."

16. "What's good for kitty is bad for my bladder. Please send a doctor, I may require a kidney transplant."

17. "Two hands for typing? I will have to make do with one!"

18. "My grandfather and his cat, Stella. He calls this 'feline paralysis' where he can't move because of the cat."

We aren't doctors, but it looks like he's also afflicted with Stockholm syndrome.

19. The snuggle struggle is real!


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