18 Pet Pics Guaranteed To Put a Smile on Your Face

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Banish bad vibes, restore positive thoughts, and elevate some much-needed levity with these adorable critters who are here to help you hit the reset button.

1. "Why don't you lick yourself MOM!!! Cleaning with water is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!😦"

2. "Must go faster!"

This ​Jurassic Paw​-k reboot looks lit!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. Cutest. Family. Photo. Ever.

4. This dog is winning summer and it's not even close. (Press play to watch.)

5. "Oliver loves the new kitten we got him....or does he?!"

Oliver, kitten is not for snacking! 🤣 🤣 🤣

6. Come for the belly, stay for the bow tie.


8. Masterpiece!

9. Is that comfortable?!?

10. "Hello, Clarice..."

11. "This is a friend’s foster getting her first nail trim. She is SHOOK BEBBY."

12. The mailman must love delivering to this house. 😳

13. "I resent the accusation that I was slurping from the curry. What ever would give you that idea???"

14. "When the Sunday scaries turn into the Monday mopes. He literally can't even right meow."

15. "Can someone make Galilee into Jack Nicholson bashing through the door [in The Shining]? Or similar 🤓"

Blessed by the Photoshop gods this most derpastic cat has been:

"hey!! why did you close the door?? let me in the restroom with you!!”

16. His shopping list starts with tuna and ends with the nip.

17. "I’ve always felt that this photo of Lucky looks like it should have been a propaganda poster... does anyone else see it?!"

Komrad Kitty is ready to join the cause.


18. When your cat has been raised by a pitbull to be strong & fierce

19. "Three seconds, the fascination ended and she did a bubicide."


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