20 Dogs Enjoying Life To The Max

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Note to self: Be more likes these happy pups.

1. Straight chilling.

2. Never take a great sunset for granted.

3. "He found a puddle to submerge his face in and regrets were not had! 😂 "

4. Because fetch is life.

5. The face says it all.

6. Can't stop zoomin, won't stop zoomin.

7. This is how you win summer.

8. "My boyfriend just bought a boat and my Josie girl loves it!"

9. "These two never pass up a good roll in the grass."

10. "Sunday was my sweet girl's first birthday! Needless to say she had a really good time 🥰"

11. "Rooney loves spending quality time with the fam and is very patient with the younger generation."

12. Dash mode: unlocked.

13. "She's so proud of his sprinkled donut plushie, which was a Gotcha Day gift."

14. "They spent the whole drive like this."

15. "I turned my back for 10 seconds and when I looked over, I found her like this."

16. "Off leash hike. This is the face of joy."

17. Twinning for the winning.

18. "Made a beeline straight for the water because that is her happy place."

19. "While the background might have been embellished with Photoshop just a little bit, the expression of pure happiness was 100% genuine and all his own."

20. "Her first watefall blew her d*mn mind." (To be fair, they are pretty amazing.)

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