17 Kitties Who Are All About That Blanket Life

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Oh, you think you're the only one who likes to sleeps under the covers? THINK AGAIN! These cats are living their best life, tuckered out and tucked in.

1. "The black kitten has evolved thumbs, all the better to tuck himself in with"

2. "Typical cat, he likes to alternate between the box and blanket."

3. "A bedtime story in 4 acts."

4. "Seth attempted to tuck himself in. A+ for effort, Seth."

5. "She sleeps with feet out for temperature regulation"

6. "He sleep, he peep, and he hug tiny sheep"

Why count sheep when you can cuddle with them?

7. "Dreaming of all the ankles she's going to attack when she wakes up."

8. "My husband wasn't 'a cat person' when we met. Now he tucks our cat in every morning before leaving for work."

9. "Meet Oliver. He lives for when the bed is made."

10. "Came home and my grandparents said to me, 'You need to see Rocky right meow'"

We can appreciate the urgency

11. "I accidentally untucked him and was given this face! (Don’t worry, he was briskly tucked back in and given a treat for compensation)"

12. "She had a big day sunning in the window and chasing leaves"

13. "Once you go full tuck ... "

14. "Forgot to turn the heating on in the morning, came home to this."

15. "Tuna thinks he's hooman so it only follows that he sleeps like one"

16. "I aspire to this level of tucked in cat sleeping in a bed with a blanket coziness"

17. "My sheets are permanently covered in fur, but he’s so worth it"

For more photos cats tucked in cats, pounce over to Reddit!

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