20 Cats Who Honestly Could Not Care Less

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Cats are rarely shy about sharing their opinions, so if a cat looks like it doesn't mind something, you can usually be sure it doesn't give a single, solitary hoot.

1. Asleep on the job.

2. Reruns? Meh.

3. Finally, some peace and quiet.

4. "World’s most patient cat holds office record of holding 99 pens on her tum!"

5. Happy to help.

6. "Tossed my sweater and scarf on him; still there hours later."

7. "I'm so embarrassed I might just take a nap."

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8. "Laundry day with Gordon."

9. When that one person on the Zoom call won't shut up.

10. "He is really getting in the Halloween spirit."

11. "She always lays on the keyboard. I win."

12. "Unimpressed with the party hat for his 19th birthday."

13. "I'm helping!"

14. ...Fascinating.

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15. "She finds my computer charger very warm, I find her to be a great table for my grilled cheeses."

16. "Trying to find out if my cat is patient. Yes he is."

17. Favorite spot is taken? Whatever.

18. "My daughter needed somewhere to put her 2DS while she set the table."

19. "Cat Jenga"

20. "My boyfriend and I were gently tossing goldfish on our cat to see if she would care. She stayed there until we were done, and then she stood up and ate them all."


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