People Are Comparing Their Pets To Video Game Bosses And We Can't Stop Laughing

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Video games and pets are both bottomless sources of viral memes so it's no surprise that someone coined a new one by bringing the two together.

That someone? @Friskkmkay, a popular host on Twitch, the world's largest streaming platform for all things gaming.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

"Post a picture of your pet as the final boss," they wrote on Twitter, along with a hilarious snap of their pup — a husky named Indie — sitting on the couch and chilling like a champ against the armrest.

And, honestly, it makes sense because video game bosses and pets both require patience, hard work, pattern recognition, and no shortage of hacks.


In any case, Pet and Gaming Twitter quickly volleyed back an array of responses at the prompt tweet, the best of which have been assembled below for your scrolling pleasure.

1. "This isn't even his final form"

2. "Good boy guarding the power-ups"

3. "Be sure to stock up on extra cans of Tunaite before enter the Chamber of the Spin Cycle."

4. "This is a very apeeling boss 😉"

5. "If looks could kill"

6. "I've been expecting you, Mr. Bond"

7. "Himb smol but mighty. Only by separating from the chew toy can you hope to be victorious"

8. "She's a formidable foe but she does have one weakness: Belly rubs. Toss a carrot bomb or two at just the right time and you might distract the beast long enough to be victorious! But it could fail and your fate would be that of a carrot. 🥕"

9. "Boss kitty lording over coins plundered from vanquished players"

10. "The cone shields him from all ranged attacks. Only by engaging in paw-to-paw battle can you emerge triumphant."


12. "This fight looks like a challenge please nerf or I'll probably chuck my remote controller in fur-station"

13. "Protecting the princess at the top of the tower: Not one, but two bosses, both of whom are impervious to the catnip cheat code."

14. "Three blasts from her lazer eyes will fully deplete your health bar"

15. "All your tennis ball are belong to us"

16. "The secret is coaxing her away from the keyboard. Only then is she vulnerable to neck rubs and butt scritches."

For more photos of pets as the final boss, wag on over to Twitter!