18 Cats Who Refuse to Obey the Law

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Some cats are perfectly law-abiding citizens. Others? Not so much.

1. Property destruction is the most prevalent cat crime by far.

2. This criminal is wanted for breaking and entering.

3. This outlaw has been charged with "conspiracy to sabotage human food."

4. This shocking security footage shows a convicted criminal making a break for it.

5. Snowball is currently on the lam and wanted for grand theft auto.

6. Tampering with a cheese plate is a federal offense.

7. This miscreant was caught in the act of faking her own death to collect life insurance.

8. Breaking: burglar steals slippers right off the feet of innocent human.

9. Be careful of this new scam: cats are printing fraudulent "missing" posters of themselves just to sow chaos.

10. Always check your roof for any criminals who may be trying to tamper with your satellite's signal.

11. This team of hackers will lock you out of your computer and use your financial information to buy thousands of dollars worth of wet food.

12. This offender has been known to go through garbage cans looking for identities to steal and plastic bags to eat.

13. This criminal mastermind is attempting to sabotage the entire public transit system.

14. Whiskers was convicted of embezzling money through a fraudulent document shredding business.

15. This modern criminal utilized the latest technology to commit indecent exposure.

16. A recent analysis has shown that the 2020 toilet paper shortage was in fact caused by an organized cat crime ring.

17. This is clearly an arsonist in the making.

18. Unfortunately, cat criminals aren't always apprehended, as they often flee the scene of the crime.


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