People Are Sharing Reasons Why They Let Their Dogs On The Couch & It Is Too Funny

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On the couch or off? It's a dilemma that has divided pet owners since the advent of pethood and, well, furniture.

And while there are solid cases to be made for both sides (j/k just let them up there you monster), the pro-couch contingent is currently rallying around a viral Twitter thread and it is cracking us (​okay, fine, me​) up.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Let's go to Patient Zero, shall we?

"them: u let ur dog on the furniture??? my dog," wrote @onlyfeelx a South Carolina-based comedian with 10,000+ followers.

People found the sleeping pup accessorized with artfully strewn Photoshop accents very, very relatable and quickly started posting their own pictures — some heartfelt, others a measure more facetious — to the thread.

Ottomans, sectionals, cabrioles, and more: All were fair game for if-I-fits-I-sits, four-legged occupiers splayed out in pretzel-like, who-me, IDGAF contortions. Chill hard or don't chill at all, amirite?

"It’s his couch at this point"

"Her lifespan is less than that couch potentially is. She can sleep wherever she wants ❤️"

"Whatever he going through right now, I just know I can relate."

"Current location"

"To be honest my dog utilizes the couch better than I ever could have imagined"

"Outside furniture too"

"Bro, look at them !! "

"Mines takes over the tv as well - cartoons in the mornings 😂"

"I love all the pics of dogs chilling on couches in the replies. Here's my Roxy!"

"Rescue dog living his fullest life."

"As if I even have a choice in the matter"

"A level of defiance rarely seen in an animal 😂"

"Pulls the cushion down and everything to sleep better 😭"

"Milo owns the bed and very generously shares with me"

"How can I get mad 🤷‍♀️"

"And pillows w no cases .....which is her favorite BTW"

"You try telling this face to get off"

"The cat too 😎"

“Ey man…. Why you stop? I ain’t tell you to stop”

This round goes to the Team Couch, but what say you? Do you let your pups chill on the couch? Tell us about it at our Facebook page!