People Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Sleeping Pups & It Is Too Pure

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Give your timeline a needed cleanse with the best entries in the sleeping dog hashtag challenge.

1. "Happy Sunday! Anyone else love to snuggle with your pups while drinking your coffee? It’s my favorite part of the day. Let’s see your sleepy pups! #sleepingdogchallenge"

2. "Mr. King 👑 just loves to sleep! He will fall asleep anywhere at any time 😂 #sleepingdogchallenge"

3. "My cat thinks she’s a dog and I can’t bring myself to tell her the truth. #sleepingdogchallenge"

4. "I had foot surgery and he will not leave my side. #sleepingdogchallenge"

5. "The Alaskan Malamute in its natural habitat. It loves the cold and snow and takes extreme comfort in the snow as bedding. Then there is the Florida Malamute who loves the warmth and comfort of the couch. Oh Journey, you are a disgrace to your breed 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😂#sleepingdogchallenge"

6. "Shut it down folks, we have our winner in the #sleepingdogchallenge"

7. "This boy is only 7 months old and I have a feeling he is always gonna think he is a lap dog!! 80 lbs already 😨😨 #sleepingdogchallenge"

8. "Bear falling asleep with his favourite toy 😆 #sleepingdogchallenge"

9. "Dozer sleeps about 20/24 hours. Here he is in his favorite spot, the sunshine ☀️ trying super hard for the #sleepingdogchallenge 💚"

10. "He doesn’t pay rent, sleeps on my couch ALL day, and refuses to put on pants. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #sleepingdogchallenge"

11. "In honor of the legend herself, our Stella Artois, whom we lost two days before Christmas. I always joked about getting Stella to go 'viral' on here while she was alive + well.. but alas, in true Legend fashion, she saved it for the afterlife. I still think about her all day, every day... but knowing she made an imprint on over 8,000 of YOU, wow... that's something else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. #sleepingdogchallenge"

12. "When you’re an old man trapped in a little pup’s body. Theo swears he’s not sleeping, just resting his eyelids 😂 #sleepingdogchallenge"

13. "I holds my toy while I sleeps. #sleepingdogchallenge"

14. "He needs his pillows...any other dogs sleep with one? #sleepingdogchallenge"

15. "Camping, hard work! #sleepingdogchallenge"

16. "For anyone having a rough Monday, Spud’s a total mood! #sleepingdogchallenge"

17. "I run a Great Dane rescue in California. I took this pic of 3 fosters last night (1 foster fail... so far 🤣) and thought it might be good for the #sleepingdogchallenge. Danes are characters... NO. DOUBT. Let's see your snoozin' furkids!"


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