15 Adorable Animals To Cure Whatever Ails You

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Studies have shown that looking at cute animals can lower your blood pressure. What other health benefits could it have? Who knows! Please feel free to experiment on yourself with this carefully selected list.

1. "Kenji and his BFF Clyde found a really cool stick."

2. "I gathered you all here today..."

3. It's hard to get anything done with a co-worker this cute.

4. "...yes, he did fall off."

5. This is Coconut. She has a permanent mega blop due to jaw cancer, but it doesn't bother her one bit!

6. "She smelled buttery croissants & immediately jumped in. This was her disappointing face when she found no croissants in the bag."

7. "I asked the groomer to surprise me and this is what I picked up."

8. "The vet said she’s part meerkat."

9. "My dog shreds her toys and gently carries around their eyes. If you ask her to find her eyes she will bring one for you."

10. "Lately I've been thinking how graceful and exquisite looking my kitten is. Then I saw her sleeping like this."

11. Hide-and-seek champion.

12. "He stole my lipstick and tried to do his makeup."

13. This is Bunny. You get one guess why that's her name.

14. The 'nip just kicked in.

15. "First fortune to actually come true."


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