15 Pets Pondering The Orb

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People are twisting the funniest and weirdest meme of the year around their animals and we are totally here for it.

1. "Love this guy. Don’t know his deal but he rocks"

2. "Doggo pondering her orbbo"

3. "Ponder long enough into the orb, and the orb will also ponder back into you"

4. "Nobody:

My cat pondering her orb:"

5. "Koji steps outside, has a quick slash, and ponders the neighbor dog's orb."

6. "Are we still doing the Orb thing? My cat's pondering one atm, and I need to know if I should be concerned 🤔"

7. "cat pondering some orb (after pushing it off the counter)"

8. "When the pondering is coming from inside the orb"

9. "Mr. Tabs pondering the twine orb"

11. "Please look at my cat pondering his orb"

11. "She's never not pondering the orb"

12. "He is the orb i’m pondering"

13. "Why ponder when you can pounce"

14. "What a cat sees when they ponder the orb"

15. "While you were pondering the orb, Lucky was tasting it"

16. "Caught Matt the cat Pondering the Orb 🔮"

17. "Me pondering my cat because he knocked the orb over and took its place"


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