19 Dogs Who Are Helping Humans Live Their Best Lives

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Let's take a moment to appreciate all the hardworking pups who are making the world a better place!

1. "This is Benny. He's the therapy dog at the middle school in the town I live."

2. "I volunteered to be a patient for a research study on the effects of dog therapy for depression. This is Thor. He’s been making me feel better."

3. "I was laughing and my dog thought I was hyperventilating and got me my emergency inhaler. Thanks pal? LOL."

4. "This guy comes and plays with all chemotherapy patients. He's adorable and loves cheese."

5. "This is Bill. He's going to be the first medical alert dog for my illness in Australia and will learn how to save my life."

6. "Meet Aunt B, a young mini doodle with a very important job. She works for funeral homes, as a comfort dog for people who’ve lost loved ones."

7. "Ruca goes on every call with me to bring back boaters who’ve had some bad luck. People usually feel less stressed when they’re 60+ miles offshore and the dog pops out the cabin."

8. "This is Georgia, she’s a service dog for a veteran with PTSD."

9. "This is Watson. He works at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. He helps comfort children who get hurt at the zoo."

10. "This is Will. Will’s only job is to receive pets from people at the Minneapolis airport."

11. "My sweet boy keeps my balance as I browse the stacks"

12. "My mum has Parkinson’s and my rescue pitbull will rest his head on whatever part of her body tremors the worst. Last night he had his chin on her feet for an hour until she fell asleep."

13. "This is Rocky! He is one of Vail Mountain's Avalanche Rescue Dogs!"

14. "My Service dog in training practicing to hold things softly without squishing or eating them."

15. "Pearl prevents autistic meltdowns!"

16. "Mulan the Therapy Dog came to visit my daughter today."

17. "My good boy doing a check-in during class!"

18. "This is our son’s support dog. Her job is to make him go outside more often. She is very good at it."

19. "This is Dina. She volunteers at our local library as a reading dog. Kids with difficulties read for her and she does not judge."


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