15 Sweet and Silly Pets To Send To Your Siblings

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Most household pets are born in litters, which means it's likely your pet has some siblings out there! It's a shame we don't always get to meet our pets' siblings because the outcome is universally adorable.

1. "His safe place is sitting on his brother."

2. "Adopted 14 week old brothers. Everyone meet Pancakes and Waffles! They love to snuggle."

3. So good at sharing.

4. "I rescued a stray cat in my neighborhood. At night his brother would come visit him. I really had no other options."

5. Good luck ever saying "no" to this pair.

6. When Mom asks what's so funny and you say nothing.

7. "Every year, a mama deer hops my sister's fence to have her babies in the safety of her yard. Here are this year's curious twins."

8. "The void and her sister, less void."

9. "Some morning sun with my bro and sis 🌞"

10. Mischief and Mayhem at your service.

11. "The way our twins cuddle during naptime..."

12. The slowest and most peaceful struggle for dominance ever seen.

13. Lana and Leia just turned eleven. That's 77 in dog years!

14. Sisterly love.

15. It really is a small world!


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