Cat and Dog Grooming for a Cleaner House

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Living with pets can have messy moments and regular cleaning is required. In addition to making sure you regularly clean litter boxes and clean up any messes your dogs and cats make, developing a regular grooming routine can help keep your house cleaner. Grooming is a great way to bond with your pets, can help you find lumps, bumps, or injuries that might need veterinary attention, and can help keep your house clean at the same time.


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The importance of grooming

Brushing your dog and cat regularly can help improve your pet's skin condition by increasing blood flow, distributing healthy natural oils through their coat, and preventing mats from developing. Mats and hairballs are not only unsightly, but they are also painful for dogs and cats and can lead to sores developing on their skin. Grooming also removes loose fur before it has a chance to shed onto your furniture and floors and allows you to easily remove any debris like grass or sticks that may have gotten caught in your dog's coat. This prevents the debris from getting tangled in the fur and building up around your house. Regular grooming can also allow you to quickly spot parasites such as fleas before they have a chance to get out of hand and spread to your carpets and furniture.


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Shedding season

Most dogs and cats shed regularly year-round. The amount of shedding will differ from animal to animal, depending on their coat type. Although most people think of shedding as primarily an issue with cats and dogs who have long fur, short-coated animals also shed, and their fur often ends up on your furniture and floors. Although shedding occurs year-round there are seasons when pets tend to shed more than others. Fall and Spring are big shedding seasons for most pets, especially those who have a heavy coat. Developing and creating grooming routines for your pets year-round can help you prepare for those heavy shedding seasons, keeping your pets more comfortable, and preventing fur from building up around your house.


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Brush and bath habits

One of the best ways to keep your house clean with cats and dogs is to make sure to have a regular brushing and grooming habit. Brushing your dog helps to remove dead fur before it can shed off and build upon your furniture, bedding, or gather on the floor. Even short, coated dogs and cats can benefit from regular brushing for their skin and coat health. For heavy coated dogs and cats (especially during shedding season) you may need to brush them daily. For shorter coated pets, a weekly brushing routine may be enough. Even with regular brushing fur can build-up around the house so you may need to use a vacuum or fur remover to get any loose fur off from your floors and furniture. However, with regular brushing, the amount of pet hair that builds up around the house will be significantly less. You'll also want to schedule regular bath days for your pets. This can help remove fur getting ready to shed and will keep your dog smelling fresh — which will contribute to the overall clean feel of your home.



Schedule regular grooming appointments

Making sure that pets are groomed regularly can help keep them happier and healthier and can keep your house cleaner. Heavy coated breeds of dogs, in particular, need extensive grooming. Owners can do this at home themselves if they learn the tools of the trade, but unless you are prepared to learn advanced grooming techniques and purchase grooming equipment such as clippers, you'll need to have your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis. Long haired dogs generally need professional grooming every 4-8 weeks. Taking your dog to a groomer or having a mobile dog grooming service come to your home to bathe and groom your dog will help keep your house cleaner and reduce dog-related smells.


Nail trimming

In addition to regular brushing and bathing, it's important to keep your dog and cat's nails regularly trimmed. For dogs, having long nails can damage your floors, but they are also painful for your dog. When a dog's nails get long, they can alter the dog's gait and ability to walk normally which can be painful or lead to orthopedic injuries. Keeping your dog's nails trimmed regularly will help your pet be more comfortable walking and will help keep your house in better repair. Dogs with overgrown nails can scratch hardwood floors just by walking around. Similarly, by keeping your indoor cat's nails trimmed you can prevent damage to upholstered furniture when your cat is jumping up onto it.


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Developing regular grooming routines is a great way to spend quality time with your pets and help keep your house clean at the same time! Grooming allows pet owners to be proactive when it comes to keeping their houses clean by addressing shedding before fur has a chance to build upon your floors, clothes, or furniture.


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