18 Photos That Will Reaffirm Your Love Of Cats & Dogs

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You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream — because these pets are the best!

1. "I was photographing them to put their picture up on my work Facebook page to let people know they are up for adoption and he put his arm around his sister! 😻😭"

Update: They got adopted together!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Being beamed up by the Mothership. 🛸"

3. "I got my dog at IKEA."

4. "Hims doin a sneak 'n scratch"

5. "Throw back to when this naughty rascal got caught running on the freshly stained stairs."

6. "My dog over here trying to out-Irish me. ☘️ And succeeding."

7. "Nutmeg needed a big stretch and this was the result. 😂"

8. "The face you make when you get kicked by the unborn #shook 😵‍💫💀"

9. "My large wolf child would def like more beef 🤣"

10. "Satsuma is DISTURBED that I have chosen to bathe in the tub of unspeakable horrors (aka where he got a butt bath earlier in the evening)."

11. "Someone hasn’t got the hang of his bed just yet. 😂🥺"

12. "Epic blep"

13. "Please look at my child getting himself into a pickle on the new cat tree. 😂"

"Put that camera down and come over here"

14. "Turned on a YouTube video of Otters and he's locked in. When hyperfocus meets comfort."

15. "The orange brothers, Asher and Rosie, not knowing what’s going on…but being held. All is ok."

16. "The sooner we get Milo a wee sister the better. ❤"

17. "Full goblin mode: activated"

  • "Goblin mode" means I'm going to do stuff like frolic around, dance on your desk, leap through the air, climb random stuff, step on your pizza, put my tail in your coffee, drip my tail coffee on your papers and just generally go full gob — haha look out!



18. When you a human 100% understood the assignment: "Finish the cat 🐈"

"Tux and tutu"

"This took me like an hour to do with my finger 😩"

"There, Finish the Cat"