17 Heartwarming Photos of Cats & Dogs

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Trust us, you'll feel better about the world after looking at these pictures.

1. "This is my dad napping with two dogs. It’s important to note, neither dog actually lives there. They’re just neighborhood dogs that love him and come visit."

2. “If you rub my belly I promise I won’t bite.” 😈

3. "Honey is definitely a contender for the #closeupchallenge."

4. "My Roomba reported a new suspected obstacle today. 😂 🐈‍⬛ 🖤"

5. "Neep is very excited to be on the train, he hopes it's a trip to the park!!!"

6. "Ike Broflovski is my basket baby. He's ready to go on adventures today!"

7. "The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime."

8. "Her reaction when we said we were adopting a DOG."

Such disbelief.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

9. "This pupper knows the drill when it’s raining ️"

10. "A friend of mine wants to use it for an album cover if he ever puts out a new album. I approve. Pretty sure Parker does too."

11. "I taught my dad how to take a selfie and now I get something like this every day ❤️."

12. "Nacho found the cell long enough to lay on a heating vent. Then he lost it again."

13. "A quick rest after a hard day at work."

Remember: It's always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


14. "I like how her tail wraps around her legs very sophisticated."

15. "Cheese and his brother Macaroni, they do everything together. Because you can’t have the Mac without the Cheese 😉."

16. "Can I help you?!?"

17. "The perfect getaway. :)"


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