17 Cute Widdle Fuzzy Faces

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Pet owners are sharing closeups of their cats and dogs and we can't stop scrolling. Prepare to scream, squeal, and swoon — maybe all at the same time!

1. "He's laughing at his own dad joke. Again. #closeupchallenge"

2. "When I tell Odo he can’t have any more treats💔 #closeupchallenge"

3. "Posie’s humble submission for the #closeupchallenge"

4. "Kreature wanted to join the #closeupchallenge. Thank you guys so much for the kitteh love!"

5. "Commence with the boops! #closeupchallenge"

6. "Bean is definitely a contender for the #closeupchallenge 💕."

7. "Murphy's a wee bit cross-eyed 🤣 #closeupchallenge"

8. "How is this for the #closeupchallenge? Marnie is fascinated with the selfie mode on my phone.............."

9. "Pumpkin decided to offer up her paw during the #closeupchallenge because she's extra like that."

10. "Sneaky Pete and I decided to collab on the #closeupchallenge"

11. "Your jokes are not funny, mother. Now, share your cheese... #closeupchallenge"

12. "This is Panda. She wasn't enthused about me waking her up for the #closeupchallenge"

13. "My precious staffy x chi #closeupchallenge"

14. "My rescue cat Jack, who just turned 3. He looks like a grump but he's really just a little cuddle bug. The #closeupchallenge is a good chance for him to share his unusual markings!"

15. "Mocha’s entry for the #closeupchallenge is an action shot!"

16. "Senior Earplane FR453R responds well to manual maintenance, as most old-timers he needs lots of love and a little elbow grease, and shows a perfect wing formation for it. #closeupchallenge"

17. "A close-up from doggy daycare to brighten your day! ⭐️☀️✨💛🐾✨


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