The Best Cat Litter Box Liners That Make Cleaning a Breeze

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An easy way to keep your cat's litter box clean is to use a litter box liner. Litter box liners are made with plastic and can be placed into a clean and empty litter box before you add litter. Litter box liners are designed to be thrown away whenever you do a complete litter change. Using a litter box liner can make it easier to clean your cat's litter box and reduce the need to wash the litter box when you change the litter.


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What to consider when purchasing litter box liners

Litter Box Size:‌ When selecting litter box liners for your cat, be sure to measure the size of your litter box. Some liners only fit certain brands, shapes, or sizes of litter boxes. Read the size and shape requirements to verify that the litter box liners you're purchasing will fit the litter boxes you have in your house.


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Sensitivities‌: Some cats have allergies, sensitivities, or preferences about different scents. For these cats, you'll want to select litter box liners that do not include added scents that might cause irritation. Humans can also have increased sensitivity to smell, so if that's the case, it's best to opt for unscented liners.


Cleaning Routines:‌ Even though litter box liners can make cleaning the litter box easier and reduce unpleasant odors, it's important to remember that using litter box liners doesn't change the need to regularly clean your cat's litter box with soap and water.


Now that we've discussed what to keep in mind when purchasing litter box liners, here are some of the best options on the market in 2022:

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The best odor-control litter box liners

Made of heavy-duty plastic with easy-pull drawstrings, these liners make cleaning the litter box a breeze. The liner is antibacterial, which makes the litter box more hygienic for cats and owners alike. Treated with a fresh scent, these litter box liners help to neutralize smelly odors from your cat's litter box. Developed to fit most litter boxes—even extra-large and jumbo-sized litter boxes—these liners come are sold in a pack of 27. Each liner measures 39 inches long and 22 inches high. When it's time to change your cat's litter, pull up the litter liner, tie it off, and throw it in the garbage.


The best sifting litter box liners

These litter-sifting liners are a simple way to keep your cat's litter box spick and span. First, place a solid liner into your cat's empty litter box, then place a perforated sifting liner in the box and cover it with litter. You can opt to use multiple sifting liners, adding a layer of litter in between each one. To sift the litter, simply pull up the perforated liner—waste will be captured in the liner, while clean litter will flow through the holes and make its way back into the box. The company claims that using these liners can extend the life of your cat's litter by up to 50%. The liners work with both clay and clumping litter. Each pack contains 28 sifting liners and two solid liners, each measuring 36 inches long and 40 inches high.



The best litter box liners for sharp claws

Made from recyclable material, these jumbo-sized litter box liners are tear-resistant and eco-friendly. The plastic is 60 microns thick to withstand sharp cat claws—it's heavy-duty and isn't likely to rip or tear. These durable liners also have built-in drawstrings for quick clean-up. They're suitable for most litter box sizes, measuring 34 inches long and 18 inches high. The liners have a V-shaped opening that makes them easy to pull out of the roll and place in your cat's litter box. The liners are sold in a pack of 7 or 14.


The best scented litter box liners

These drawstring litter box liners are tear-resistant and have a fresh scent that curbs unpleasant odors. Ultra-durable, they are designed to withstand sharp claws, enabling you to transfer the liner to the trash without any litter spillage. The convenient drawstring design allows you to fold the edge of the liner over the side of the litter box to secure it, and then fill it with litter. When it's time to change out your cat's litter, just pull up the liner, tie it off, and throw it away. These litter liners can be used with open or covered litter boxes and come in either unscented or scented varieties, although we prefer the latter for its odor-fighting capabilities. Each liner in this 7-pack measures 2.5 feet long and 17 inches high.


The best litter box liners for multiple cats

Featuring a nonstick coating, these liners won't attract clumps of urine-soaked litter or get stuck to the box when you're trying to change the litter. They're jumbo-sized at 36 inches long and 18 inches high and extra-thick (2 millimeters) to resist puncturing. The liners have drawstring handles that can be pulled up to remove all the litter from the box when it's time to clean. These leakproof liners are packaged separately for your convenience, so there's no need to deal with the hassle of ripping liners apart at the seam to get the next one. They're made to fit most litter boxes and come in packs of 14 liners. Due to their size and durability, the liners are suitable for multi-cat households.


The best budget litter box liners

These scratch-resistant litter box liners come in packs of 30. With a fresh scent, these affordable liners help to neutralize litter box odors around the house. Each liner measures 35 inches long and 18 inches high, so they even work for extra-large litter boxes. The liners fit around the sides of the litter box, but adding some clips will help keep them secure. Although they don't feature drawstrings (they come with twist ties), the liners are easy to bunch up and throw away when it's time for a cleaning. Fresh Kitty offers a large amount of thick, durable bags at a much lower price point than its competitors.

The best elastic litter box liners

The elastic bands on these liners help hold them firmly in place and prevent them from bunching up while your cat is using the litter box. Another benefit of choosing a liner with an elastic band is that it conforms to any shaped litter box including round, square, rectangular, and corner. This particular size, known as extra-giant, measures 37 inches long and 18 inches high. When it's time to clean the litter box, just pull up all four corners of the liner and carry it to the trash can. These liners are unscented and the material is thick to resist punctures.

The best elastic litter box liners with drawstrings

If there's a great distance between your cat's litter box and the trash can, you might want to opt for an elastic liner with drawstrings. These liners from Exquisicat are easy to close and carry, resulting in fewer messes. They come in a pack of 30 and each extra-large liner measures 38 inches long and 21 inches high. They're also super durable at 2 millimeters thick. To use, place one liner in the bottom of the litter box, fold the edges of the liner over the sides of the litter box, and fill it with litter as normal. When you're ready to clean the litter box, pull up on the drawstrings, lift the liner up, tie it off, and toss it in the garbage.

The best recycled litter box liners

These easy-to-use liners are a convenient way to keep your cat's litter box clean without having to scoop up excrement. Made of 100% recycled plastic, these sifting liners have a three-ply construction that's resistant to tearing. The bottom liner is secured to the empty litter box with a large, included rubber band. Next, add the sifting liner and cover it with clean litter. When it's time to sift the litter, all you have to do is lift up the top liner and the clean litter will flow through the holes and settle onto the liner layer underneath. These liners are designed for litter boxes measuring up to 22 inches long and 18 inches wide. They're suitable for standard litter boxes, high-sided litter boxes, as well as enclosed litter boxes.



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