How Do I Clean My Hardwood Floor When I Have a Pet?

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There are many cleaning solutions within the home, but as much as you may want to clean your hardwood floors of muddy paw prints, don't pull out the floor cleaner just yet: you may need to look into some different pet-friendly alternatives.

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Hardwood floors require special care and upkeep, unlike other materials. It is important you are caring for your floors properly, while also keeping your pet's health and wellbeing in mind. So, if you have both hardwood floors and animals at home, you may wonder "how do I clean my hardwood floor when I have a pet?"


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Proper care for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home but they do come with their own set of responsibilities. According to Architectural Digest, hardwood floors require proper maintenance and upkeep to maintain their longevity. This will include regular cleaning by keeping debris, such as pet hair, off of the floor with a simple sweep, followed by a dry or dust mop. Vacuuming up messes using a hard floor setting can also help pick up dust and dirt safely.


For a deeper clean, you will want to pick the right pet-friendly floor cleaner. According to Architectural Digest, varying finishes on your floors may require different cleaning methods, however, avoiding harsh chemical cleaners is almost always recommended with both cleaning hardwood floors and caring for pets within your home.


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How do I clean my hardwood floors when I have a pet?

While many things in your household can pose a threat to pets, your everyday traditional floor cleaner may not be optimal for your hardwood floors or your pet's health and safety. According to Tampa Veterinary Hospital, store-bought disinfectants can be toxic to animals, depending on the ingredients. Your pet could also be sensitive to certain fragrances. Be sure to check the label recommendations and ingredients of products before use to see what is safe to use in your home. If there is any doubt, always check with your veterinarian.


You can clean your hardwood floors with several gentle pet-friendly cleaning methods that can be friendlier both for your pet and your floors. This can include:


  • Dry-mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Biodegradable floor cleaner and pet-friendly cleaning solutions


Pet-friendly solutions for hardwood floors

According to Architectural Digest, your hardwood floors will most certainly benefit from a floor cleaner with biodegradable ingredients that won't be as harmful to your pet. Some ingredients may be safer for your pet, (but not be healthy for your floors) like baking soda, which can be abrasive, cause scratches and damage, and should be used with caution. Other pet-friendly alternatives include a homemade solution of soapy water, as well as water and white vinegar — which may be gentler on your hardwood floors.


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In summary

Hardwood floors require special care and upkeep, and so does your pet. It is important that you check the ingredients of any floor cleaner that you use in your home to make sure that you are not harming your pet or your floors. There are plenty of pet-friendly solutions for hardwood floors, some are all-natural that you can make at home, and some you can get at the store. Be sure to check the labels of any cleaning products you use within your home, and double-check with your veterinarian about any ingredients your pet may be sensitive to in order to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy within your household.



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