How to Keep Your Car Clean When You Have a Dog

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You love to drive around in the car with your dog. Whether you're taking him to vet appointments or the local dog park or simply running some errands, you enjoy having him with you. However, you've noticed that your car is getting messy. There's dog hair everywhere and dirt on your front and back seats. Plus, your car smells a little bit. What can you do? Here are some tips for how to keep your car clean — from your floor mats to your upholstery, to your car seats — when you have a dog.


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Use seat covers

Seat covers are going to protect your upholstery and nice leather seats if you have them. When they get dirty, you could either throw them in the wash or vacuum and hand wash them. Look for dog hammocks to put in your back seat either online or at the pet store.


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Put your dog in a crate

For safety and cleanliness, put your dog in a harness in the back seat or in a crate on the backseat or the floor of your car. Then, not only will you stop your dog from wandering around – which is dangerous – but you will also limit the amount of dirt and dog hair that is in your vehicle. In addition, you will stop your dog from putting their head out the window, which can be dangerous, and from sticking their wet nose and slobbering all over the window, making it dirty.


Purchase a lint roller

If your dog sheds a lot, buy a lint roller and keep it in the car. Whenever you get a chance, you can use the lint roller on your car seats and floor mats to keep there from being too much hair and fur in your car.


Make sure your dog is clean and groomed

If you're going on a hike with your dog, then you should try to wash their paws off before you get back in the car. Also, time it so you give him a bath before he goes in the car if you're going on a trip or another type of outing. Trim their nails as well so that he doesn't rip up your car seats.


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Use a hand held vacuum

Place a hand held vacuum in your car and use it regularly. You can also keep a plastic bag in your car for disposing of the lint roller sheets and other dirty items.


Get your car cleaned

You can get your car professionally cleaned every few weeks and clean it yourself in between. Along with vacuuming it, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to create a dog-friendly, DIY cleaning solution for your car seats and carpeting. Plus, you can use any leftover mixture to clean your wheels and rims, too. The baking soda is going to eliminate odors and make your car look much better.



Keep cleaning supplies in your car

Having paper towels, pet wipes, brushes, towels, and other cleaning supplies in your car at all times is going to help you keep it clean, especially if you're going on long trips with your pup. Put everything in a small kit in your car so that it doesn't take up too much space, and you'll be able to use it whenever you need it.


Put clothes on your dog

By putting clothes on your dog, you won't stop shedding altogether, but you can minimize the amount that gets all over your car. Dress your dog up in a dog sweater, and perhaps boots, in order to get the shedding a little bit more under control.

Use air fresheners

When your dog isn't in the car, you can spray it with an air freshener to keep it smelling clean. Also, you could air out your car when you remember so that smells don't get trapped in it.

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In summary

By doing regular maintenance, you can keep your car clean and enjoy riding in it with your pup at the same time.



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