How Often Should You Wash Your Dog's Bedding?

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Your dog loves to cuddle up in their bedding during naps and bedtime. After a while, their bedding starts to look dirty and smell bad. You're wondering: How often should I wash my dog's bedding?

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By keeping your dog's bedding clean, your house will not only smell better but also you will be getting rid of germs and fleas and contribute to your pup's wellbeing.


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How often to wash bedding

It's a good idea to wash your dog's bedding once a week. This way, you will stop the spread of fleas and germs and ensure that the bedding is hygienic.


How to wash the bedding

Before washing the bedding, vacuum it first to remove fur and dirt. You may be able to throw the bed and covers into the washing machine and wash them with hot water, or you might have to hand wash them depending on the material. By using hot water, you'll destroy the bacteria, eggs, and insects that could be on the bedding. If your dog sleeps on a bed with a removable cover, take off the cover and wash both the bedding and the cover separately.


Use laundry detergents that are dye-free, fragrance-free, and non-toxic. This is especially important if your dog has sensitive skin. Since dogs have such a strong sense of smell, it's best to use unscented laundry detergent. In addition, do not use bleach.

To keep your laundry machine clean, after you wash your dog's bedding, use white vinegar and water on the hottest setting. You can also use a washing machine cleaner that you find at the store.


Check the label of your dog's bedding to see if you can put it into the dryer. If not, air dry it. Also, if you use dryer sheets, keep them out of reach from your dog, as they are made with chemicals that might be harmful to them.

How to keep bedding clean

In between washes, you can take some steps to keep your dog's bedding clean. If you notice that there are stains on it, spray it with a natural stain remover that's safe for dogs. If the bedding smells, you could make a natural odor remover as well. For example, you could make a DIY spray at home with baking soda to remove odors, or one with white vinegar to rid of stains. If your dog doesn't like the smell of white vinegar, you don't have to worry, because it will eventually fade away.



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Washing your dog

Before your dog comes into the house after you walk them or let them out into the yard, you can wash their paws off. Then, they'll be less likely to get their bedding and the rest of your house dirty. You should also give your dog a bath when they're dirty, they start to smell, and/or you notice they have fleas on them. Some dogs, like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds, can go up to 12 weeks without getting a bath. It all depends on your dog's breed. But no matter what type of dog you have, make sure you use only dog shampoo when giving them a bath, as human shampoo may cause skin irritation.


Watch out for allergic reactions

Whether you're giving your dog a bath or washing their bedding in the laundry, it's important to see if they're having any allergic reactions to the detergent or shampoo. If they are licking one spot obsessively and rubbing their face, or they have hives, bald patches, and/or blister-like lesions around their face, groin, under their front legs, or between their toes, then they may be allergic to the shampoo or detergent. You could switch to different brands to try to find something that is suitable for your pup. If that doesn't work, ask your veterinarian what to do, especially if your dog seems like they are in pain or they are uncomfortable.


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In summary

To keep your dog's bedding clean, you should wash it once per week. By doing this, you will help your dog stay healthy and give them a comfortable and cozy place to sleep.



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