Removing Dog Hair From Bed Sheets & Comforter

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Ah ... how sweet it is to have doggie warming up your feet in bed every night. That is, until the morning comes and he's left little doggie hairs all over your favorite sheets and comforter! Worse still, you can't simply throw your sheets into the washing machine, as doing so can actually make all that hair cling to the fabric even more! However, with a little know-how (and elbow grease!) you can get your bedclothes completely hair free.


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Step 1

Leave the comforter stretched out on the bed. Pick up as much loose hair as you can by lightly running a damp sponge or cloth over the entire surface of the comforter in long strokes. Don't rub back and forth over the same area, as this will work the hair deeper into the fibers of the fabric. You might need to do this several times — rinsing the cloth or sponge in between rounds — to get as much loose hair off the surface as possible.


Step 2

Remove the comforter and do the same to the sheet.

Step 3

Now comes the fun part: hang the comforter and sheets over a clothesline and give it a good whacking! Some options include a tennis racket, a large wooden spoon, or a clean, brand new broom. This will help release hair or lint trapped in the linens. Do this outdoors to ensure the hair doesn't settle down on your floor or furniture.


Step 4

Next, throw the comforter and sheets into the dryer, NOT the washer. Getting them wet would actually worsen the problem, making hair stick to the material even more. Add a couple of dryer sheets and run the dryer for a few minutes. The hair will attach to the dryer sheets, which you can then throw away. You might need to repeat this step a couple of times to get rid of all the hair. If there is still too much hair, run the sheets and the comforter through the dryer separately.