18 Hilarious Reminders That Cats Are Complete Goofballs

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This is patently true but it doesn't make them any less loveable.

1. "He looks like an old man trying to enjoy his Saturday paper but the grandkids won't leave him alone now he needs another cup of coffee."

2. "Smöl bebe would like to borrow brain cell, please?"


4. "Earcraft 4D3L3 doing heckin concern over her fixed wing earcraft sister, 814NC4 being within swatting distance… 👀 "

5. "Boba is currently using the cell to be a therapist cat. She will happily listen to all your concerns and give you space to process."

6. "Magellan finally talked Alexandria into sharing the hunny pot together. I just can't with the cute!!"

7. Foot: ExistsCats: "Say no more."

8. "This may be in fact the greatest picture I have ever gotten of my gatos."

9. "Her cloak of invisibility game needs a little work…😹😹"

10. "Oh. Hello."

11. "My cat likes to nap in this position"

12. Finally, a candidate we can all rally around.

13. "Fighter jets deployed to counter hostile P1G30N."

14. "Delete that one and let's try again. I promise I'll smile next time."

15. "And the award for best dramatic performance goes to..."

16. "Lily’s Earplane is going far away from the horrible ear drops"

0 out of 10 stars, would not recommend it under any circumstances.


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17. "big orange in a…little couch."

18. "What color is my kitty — if you can find him????"

Hint: He's not green.


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Hims doin' a camouflage.


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