13 Dogs Being Shamed For Their Crimes

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Ask any dog trainer: the most effective form of discipline is to publicly shame your dog by telling the internet about it.

1. "Tulip has a confession to make."

2. "We were glad his tests came back okay, then he came home and tried to run away."

3. "The irony here is that he got kicked out of his puppy school 3 weeks later."

4. "Ate every last crumb and is now sleeping it off."

5. Alarm clocks are especially effective when they weigh eighty pounds.

6. Didn't leave a tip either.

7. That face says "... and I'll do it again."

8. Just trying to play tug-of-war, honest!

9. Should have put up a sign.

10. Floyd just has a lot of love to give.

11. He just wanted to sing along.

12. Death to all plants!

13. The picture of innocence.


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