17 Funny Pet Pics Backed Up Even Funnier Captions

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When the combination of photo + text is pure magic.

1. "My dog looks like he’s about to share a really bad political opinion."

2. "I tried to move this ceramic frog in my flower pot today and got the surprise of a lifetime."

3. "The art and the artist"

4. "Oh hey I know I’ll just take a nice normal photo of this dog and —"

5. "Remember, when planting corgis, to leave enough space between them."

6. "My cat decided to arrive at precisely the right moment during story time with my daughter."

7. "Master of disguise over here"



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"After hours of successfully eluding us, she emerged from her hiding spot!"

8. "Miles disapproves of our new sign."

9. "cat.exe has malfunctioned. Would you like to boop the nosecone to trigger a reset?"

10. "I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. 😂"

"We definitely aren't related" — the black cat at the bottom of the frame.



11. "The 'No Diving' sign is only for humans, right? RIGHT?!"

12. "There’s no snooze button on a cat who wants their breakfast. 😂"

13. "When your dog eats your philosophy homework"

14. "Aha! So we meet again! 😹"

15. "Spotted today in Austin. She’s keeping it weird!"

16. "Hello. Finn would like everyone to wake up and smell the roses (pansies). That is all."

17. "I don't always make a noise but when I do it's in the middle of the night for no reason."


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