17 Photos That Prove Pets Live By Their Own Rules

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Just because they made regrettable life decisions doesn't always mean they have regrets.

1. “This is Yuki. He wanted to inform you before you go outside that someone dug a hole in the backyard. Not sure who would do that, especially right in the middle of your daffodils. Actually, it’s probably not worth investigating.”

2. "She snuck into the pantry to steal treats before dinner and then accidentally get stuck in there."

3. "The crime… and the criminal. Apparently, my dude, Rex, has been using the cell to sneak into my neighbor’s identical unit and treat it like his personal vacation home and snack buffet for A YEAR completely unbeknownst to me 🤣☠️ #mugshots"

Seriously, he's already thinking about doing it next chance he gets 😂.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. "That moment you understand why you shouldn't bite holes in the pool."

6. "Turned around to see she had stolen grandma's teeth 😉"

7. "When you ask Mom if she has games on her phone one too many times."

8. "The day after sneaking out of the yard and disappearing for 6 — SIX! — hours. Not one regret in sight. 🙄"

9. "She got into a pot of butter chicken"

Does that look like the face of someone who GAF?


10. "Where did this cushion come from? Why does it feel all lumpy and smell of burritos? Nevertheless, I shall perch my buttocks on it for lack of a better option."

11. "So our cat would keep laying on my gf's laptop so she put another one next to her and this was the result 😂"

12. "My first time making pasta by hand, and Roxy decided she wanted the first taste..."

"SHAME HER!!! 🤬🤬🤬


13. Cat in back: "I'm sorry for shredding the curtains." Cat in front: "I'd do it again in a heartbeat"

14. "She locked me out of my car today. I had to call AAA…y’all see the regret in her eyes? Me neither 🤣🤣"

  • "I want to add that we live in PA and it was only 46 degrees today and I was only away from the car for 2 minutes! So Belle didn't get too hot!"



15. "If you can't hide a crime scene, just pretend you are a victim."

16. "Poppy shredded an entire tissue box on the floor and my bed and could not care less about cleaning it up."

17. Okay, so pets aren't the only ones second doubting their decisions: "I regret getting a glass coffee table"


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