16 Pet Photos That Will Immediately Put You In A Better Mood

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Come right this way for a smile and a laugh.

1. "It's like when a cat is on your lap you can't stand up. Enjoy holding your arm up forever. Lolol"

2. "Walked in on my husband using our cat as a mobile check deposit background"



Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. "Attention passengers, we're experiencing some turbulence. DOG spotted."

4. "So I almost married my dog this past weekend. The judge accidentally said my dog’s name (Russell) at the ceremony instead of my fiancé’s name. 10/10 would still say 'I do' 💍"

5. "Tsunami decided to have an existential crisis while hanging out in the laundry basket."

Triggered by the sound of the wash machine spin cycle starting (our best bet).


6. "So excited to add our second pup to the fam 💜

On the left is DONUT 🍩 She’s 3

On the right is BAGEL 🥯 she’s 3 months

We would like to see ANY AND ALL of your FOOD named fur babies 🥰🙌😍"

7. "Hims chillin' hard but it's the casual leg cross that makes this pose top tier"

8. "Release the Kraken!"

9. "He's half dog, half platypus"

10. "Pay extra for the 'cat-proof' food containers, they said. It'll be worth it, they said."

11. "This is B451L requesting permission for takeoff. Strategic stealth strike imminent, please clear local wildlife from runway before collision occurs."

12. "Tina's beach day > Your beach day"

13. "Dog in a cute hat. I repeat: Dog in a cute hat."

14. "The stuffed animal corgi is even MORE disapproving than the real ones"

15. "My face when I get to the party and discover there is an all-you-can-eat buffet"

16. "Can't decide whether Noodle should pursue a career as ...

... a ballerina ...

... or a luge rider?"

🤣 🤣 🤣


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