18 Photos That Prove Orange Cats Have The Most Fun

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Come from the adorable hijinks, stay for the playful antics.

1. "Sorry I know this is a cat group but has anyone had experience with orange mold (?) just appearing in their refrigerator?? It's not there when I close the door but it magically appears every time I open it." Any advice on how to get rid of it would be greatly appreciated. 🙏"

2. "This is my Orange. His name is Max. Max hasn't quite grown out of his kitten stage. Max is six. 🙁"

3. "Mango has harvested the cell again and is here to say 'meowdy' 🌾"

4. "New to the group. Meet Oliver …. Sigh …. He’s a little … different. Here is one of his newest stunts."

5. "Rusty got a present."

Spoiler: He likes it (but I would also ask that you not throw away the box it came in as well — if that's not too much trouble).

6. "This is my orange, um, mountain goat (?!?), Fraser."

7. "Nah, don't get up, I got this ..."

A strong and independent kitty doesn't need your help, thank you very much.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

8. "Mmmmm, the vent smells hella good, I'm getting hints of roadkill squirrel annnnnd...what's that? Fresh garbage truck 4 cars ahead. Ahhhhhhhh!"

9. "This is Bagel. Bagel uses the cell to open the door to the bathroom."

A little privacy, please?

10. "He is a master mechanic and I trust him with my car."

11. "When the washing machine is being replaced and the floor is pure lava 🤣"

12. "He slipped off the pillow he was laying on and has been sleeping like this for almost an hour."

Not a care in the world.



13. "Hank looking at a butternut squash thinking it's a mirror"

14. "Steve needs to borrow the cell. 1) He thinks he fits inside of this box. 2) We have several empty boxes. I stomped and smashed this ONE flat, so I could throw it in the trash can. He sat by it and just stared at it like I had crushed his best friend. I had to revive it."

Steve's a founding member of C.A.R., Cats Against Recycling.


15. "These guys don't talk much, but they're cool."

Orange cats can make friends with anyone.


16. "When you have neither cell nor spine"

17. "Chucky used the cell to get up and strut on the catwalk (on the catwalk, yeah, he did his little turn on the catwalk) but then he lost it when it came time to get down and had to do a scream for help down."

"Father, please help"

18. "Hims an orange prismatic rainbow 🌈"