The Best Subscription Boxes for Dogs in 2022

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Having subscription boxes delivered to your door has been popular among people for many years now, with items ranging from makeup to skincare to supplements to fruit, all making their way through the mail to the subscriber. As our dogs are members of our families, having new things to offer them every month is not only a nice thing to witness, but it also enriches their lives by meeting their needs to chew or focus on a task. There are a number of dog subscription boxes out there, with most offering similar types of items in each box, namely, stuffed toys, chews, treats, and sometimes accessories. If your canine companion prefers specific things, you can find customizable boxes or boxes that only offer certain types of products.


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What to consider when purchasing a subscription box for your dog

Items Offered:​ As with anything you're shopping for, you're going to want to purchase a service that serves you and your dog's needs, so looking into what types of things are offered in boxes is possibly the most important criteria after the price. Many boxes contain a medley of items, with a certain amount of a few different types of things in each box, like toys, treats, accessories, or wellness items like doggie skincare. If you know your dog won't use certain things, you can also search for customizable boxes, or boxes designed to serve a specific purpose, like offering edible chews or toys for puppies.


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Length of Subscription:​ A lot of dog subscription boxes offer deals depending on the length of your subscription, with some offering steep discounts with the purchase of an annual plan, or through prepaid options. If you have a picky dog on your hands and don't have great personal recommendations about a certain service, it may be best to try one month at first to see how it goes (some services also offer deals on the first box purchased).


Shipping:​ Shipping on nearly all pet subscription boxes is free, but that may not be the case with any services that offer stand-alone boxes with a one-time purchase. If you're shopping around for the best value on your dog subscription box, be sure to look into their shipping policies, which can greatly affect the monthly cost of your service in the event that they are not included in the price advertised.


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The best overall dog subscription box


$14.99 - $45.00 at BarkBox


If you're looking for a subscription box for your dog but aren't sure where to start, shopping with one of the first companies to do it is an excellent option. Founded in 2011, BarkBox offers monthly subscription boxes that contain mostly toys, with some options including extras like chews and dog treats, and many toys-only options. To order, subscribe on the BarkBox website, and answer a few questions about your dog, like their size, age, and name. Then, choose a subscription plan. A monthly subscription on the Classic plan costs $35/month, and a six-month subscription will run you $26/month, with each box containing around $40 worth of items. There are other plans like the Classic Extra Toy, Classic Lite ($14.99/month), and the Super Chewer, which includes durable toys designed for tough chewers. Finally, just choose your theme from the company's list (there are currently more than a dozen), including the Stranger Things box, the Dog Daze summer box, and the Hairy Metal box.



The best value dog subscription box

Downtown Pet Supply Chompbox

$19.99 at Amazon


First-time subscribers can get a deal from Chompbox that's only $19.99 for the first box and $24.99 for each month thereafter (with free shipping to boot). As the name suggests, the items included in this box are meant for chewing and chomping on, so it's a great deal for medium to large dogs who enjoy things like bully sticks, elk antlers, and Himalayan yak chews. There are often other goodies like stuffed toys, poop bags, and microfiber towels for bathtime. The boxes sent to pet parents are surprise boxes each time, so you may get more chews one month or more toys the next (although this box is heavily chew-based). Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.


The best dog subscription box for toys

BoxDog Monthly Box

$35.00 - $55.00 at BoxDog

Nearly every dog will pick out their favorites from their monthly subscription boxes, and many, particularly small dogs, will reach for the toys every time. This service allows you to choose whether you wish to receive toys or gear so you won't be stuck with a bunch of items you don't need and that your dog won't enjoy. Additionally, every box comes with human-grade, handmade treats, and a specialty item which may include vegan skincare, natural treats, or chews, among other things. You can order this box on a monthly basis for $45/month, every six months at $40/month, or prepay for six boxes and pay only $35/month. Alternatively, you can order boxes on a seasonal basis and receive only four per year with each box containing one more bag of treats than the monthly options. This service costs $55/quarter, $50/quarter on the annual plan, or $45/quarter if you prepay for the entire year upfront.


The best dog subscription box for tough chewers


$31.00 - $45.00 at Bullymake

Almost every dog loves getting new toys, chews, and treats to play with, but some dogs tear through their things faster than others, particularly large dogs and power chewers. Not all pet subscription boxes are designed to withstand such force, but this isn't one of them. Created for tough chewers, this service offers themed boxes each month containing two to three chews and three bags of treats. This service also offers a toys-only option if your dog just isn't into treats, and allows pet parents to choose from nylon, ballistic, rope, and rubber materials. Subscriptions start at $45/month for monthly subscriptions, $36/month for three-month plans, $34/month for six-month plans, and $31/month for annual plans.

The best customizable dog subscription box


$38.00 - $52.00 at Cratejoy

Getting a surprise each month is fun for so many dog owners and their furry companions, but sometimes, getting too much of the same thing, or any items your pet won't even appreciate can turn a smart purchase into a liability. If you know your dog loves certain things over others, finding a customizable monthly dog subscription is a smart way to go. This service allows dog owners to customize things in a number of ways, including how much of each item they receive, and how they'd like to pay. For example, a box containing three treats, two high-quality toys, and an accessory will run you $52/month (or less with a longer subscription plan), while a box with only two treats, one toy, and one accessory only costs $40/box. Having more control over what you get each month makes this option a great choice for the money, and each box is tailored to fit your dog's age and size while keeping things like allergies in mind. An extra 20% off is offered to new customers through a code on CareMe's website, and a portion of sales goes to benefit animal shelters of the company's choosing.


The best themed dog box

Goody Box Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Box

$29.99 at Chewy

Now, no dog really prefers a specific theme of characters, but pet parents might enjoy opening a box of items they appreciate as well. For Disney fans, this limited-edition themed box is filled with toys and treats that you will be happy to see and your dog will be delighted to play with or snack on. Each box contains three Mickey and Minnie Mouse toys, a full-sized bag of grain-free treats, and a Disney bandana for your dog to wear anytime. It's very important to note that this box is actually not a monthly subscription box, so there is nothing to sign up for as this is a one-time purchase you can make as often or as little as you like. There are new themed boxes released regularly, however, which can make for a fun treat for anyone who loves a good, cohesive look.

The best dog subscription box for puppies


$29.00 - $39.00 at PupBox

Most pet subscription boxes are designed for adult dogs to enjoy, but if you have a puppy who will likely go through a ton of chew toys and snacks, finding a service made to meet their needs is essential. The PupBox contains treats, toys, and even puppy care tips customized for every life stage, including puppies, adolescent dogs, and senior dogs. For puppies aged zero to six months, boxes contain soft plush toys, chew toys for teething, and training tips from expert sources to help get your puppy off to a great start in life. Older puppies between seven and 18 months can enjoy boxes full of tough toys for stronger chewers, interactive toys to keep them busy and stimulated, and training tips for brain development and bonding. A one-month plan is only $39/month, with discounts offered for longer subscriptions up to one year, which costs $29/month.


The best dog subscription box for chews

Gnaw Box

$20.00 - $25.00 at Amazon

If your dog seems to single out the edible chews or other healthy treats from their box each month, you don't have to keep collecting dog toys or other items that you're paying for. This service from Gnawbox offers just that and includes 15 to 20 edible chews per box whether you have a large dog or a small dog to shop for. Each treat included is a single-ingredient chew, including bully sticks, salmon skins, deer antlers, and tendons to gnaw on, among others. Each item inside is rawhide-free and contains no additives or artificial ingredients. Boxes start at $20/month for small dogs and $25/month for large dogs but this price is just for the first box purchased—each box thereafter will run $4.99 more per box, and you can cancel anytime. As an added bonus, shipping is free!


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