Improve Your Day With 16 Funny Cat & Dog Photos

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Having a bad day? Look at some cute pets! Having a good day? You should probably still look at some cute pets, just to be safe. Having a totally unremarkable day? You know what to do.

1. "The gang is eagerly awaiting dinnertime"

2. "Caught my cat yawning while tilting her head. Confirmed Eldritch horror."

3. "We made flower crowns. She ate them after."

4. "Buddy's fly is down on his trousers."

5. "My cat has emerged from my weighted blanket and doesn't know when or where she is."

6. "This is my mom's dog, Dixie. She is exactly as smart as she looks."

7. "Zorro and Bandit are ready to fight crime."

8. "Forgot to give him his 'Go' [cue] for food. Poor wee pudding sat there for about ten minutes and didn't make a peep."

Pro tip: the cool item above is called a slow feeder! They can be helpful for dogs who tend to eat their food too quickly.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

9. "He stops to smell these flowers every single time he goes outside."

10. "I jokingly asked my mom to knit a sweater for my cat. she took it seriously, and actually did it."

11. "The excitement in his eyes for the ice cream is the best part!"

12. Certainly not lacking in self-esteem.

13. "We got him a stand so he wouldn’t have to bend down so much while eating. Yeah, about that…"

14. "He threw his socks on the floor again."

15. Someone heard you mention snacks.

16. Naturally adapted to survive in the wilderness.

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