17 of the Funniest Pet Photos From This Week, Month, Year, & Decade

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When it comes time to look back on the funniest pet photos of 202-something, these images of cats and dogs will not cease to be top tier LOL.

1. "My wife brought this home the other day, and I have been waiting for two days for the fat cat to get in the double stuff side and the skinny cat to get in the regular side."

2. "I told my son not to leave his dinner out. Coco apparently likes waffle fries 🤣"

3. "Our cats opened the bathroom cabinet drawer, thereby blocking the bathroom door from opening. I took this picture by sticking my phone under the door. Trying with a hanger to close the drawer so I can open the door."

The whole thread is gold — read it on Twitter.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. "Please play with this. It’s the best photo I’ve ever taken and I’m sure it will never happen again."

"Something was wrong with the bottom of that frame, so I fixed it. Interesting painting..."

A modern art meowster piece!

5. "Dean is wearing his fishnets today."

6. "Olivia was not cooperating for a picture with my shirt that matched her!"

"The ultimate nope 🤣"

"The shirt cat and the real cat look equally as uncomfortable with the situation🤣"

7. "I feel like Hazel needs to be in a Jacuzzi or chilling on a floatie 👀"

Ask and ye shall receive...

8. The theory: All schnauzers are, in fact, babies. The evidence:

9. "Beans is ... inside the dust jacket of my library book."

10. "I told Hooch we had to take a picture of him for the landlord. (in case he ever got out they know who to call) He definitely understood the assignment."

11. "Suns out, tongues out"

12. "I wish someone would look at me the way this cat looks at his owner eating a hamburger"

Just give him a little bite already, you monster.



13. When your dog isn't in the mood

The vibes are STRONG.


14. "Cheeto says peek a boo, no cell in sight"

15. "How he reacted when I tried to serve him a barkuterie board without cheese."

He's both mad and disappointed.


16. "This is Razum Dar. He recently decided to pull down one of the wall baskets because he felt it was made for sitting, not for decor. As you can see, Raz is not impressed with how small the basket is."

17. "I opened a bag of chips on the plane and this is how the passenger in front of me reacted."


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