15 Cats Sleeping Like The Funny Little Weirdos They Are

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These feline contortionists are half kitteh, half pretzel.

1. "What can I say, Thomas hasn’t had catnip in a while."

2. "I have no words."

3. "Butters is trying out to be a hula dancer."

4. "Woke up to him sleeping between my legs like this"

5. "Like father like son"

6. "Beans is sleeping ... inside the dust jacket of my library book."

7. "How do I undo this please? I bought this expensive thing from Ikea, lost the users manual and ended up assembling him incorrectly."

8. "I think the bones fell out? He always sleeps in the weirdest ways possible."

Cats don't have bones, they have calcium suggestions.


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9. "Maybe if I turn her off and turn her on again she’ll reset to factory mode?"

10. "How is this physically possible?"

(Wrong answers ONLY.)


11. "Came out of my bedroom to find my daughter's cat Misty sleeping like this. Is that actually comfortable?!"

"She usually sleeps like this. 😁"

12. "I cannot even begin to explain the level of confused I was when I got back home and saw this…"

13. "My girl Moxie doing some kind of alien yoga pose 🧐🙃👽"

This is me touching each quadrant at Four Corners Monument where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet.


14. "Jazz hands have nothing on Archie's jazz peet!"

15. "That's one way to do it"


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