Just 17 Gloriously Fluffy Kitties for Your Scrolling Pleasure

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People on Facebook are sharing photos of their big, fluffy, and shaggy cats — it is too funny.

1. "My Cat Tinker 😍🥰"

2. "Chloe, king of the castle."

3. "Beached in this hot weather 🌞"

4. "My two chonks. Oberon (brown tabby) and Baldr (grey tabby.) They have a torti sister who is still quite the slonk."

5. "Today I learned my cat is actually 'a furry land whale' and I don't think I'll ever be able to unhear that phrase."

6. "Busted bathing next to his bestie.🤣"

That face is CLASSIC

7. "Cee Cee, the fluffiest!"

8. "My besties chonky land whale of a fluff muffin Figaro 🐈‍⬛"

9. "Merlin is not impressed I ran out of his treats, so he sat on his plate in anger. 🤣"

10. "My seven-month-old kitten is already fluffing at a 12th-grade level"

11. "Miss Stevie Arleen. She was born blind ❤️"

12. "Watching me work and not helping in the least bit lol"

13. "Yoda the hammy boy"

14. "Butters is not built for hot weather"

15. "I promise it's a cat"

16. "This is my land orca, he’s deadly but only bc he might cuddle you until you suffocate"

17. "Tiki the Majestic Danger Floof (belly is 100% a trap)"


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