Just 15 Cats (and 1 dog) Using Mischief for Chaotic Good

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Where do they learn this stuff?!

1. "Trying to put a 'Bird Of Paradise' plant in the ground. Went to wrestle it out of the old container and throw the container away and came back to this."

This year's cat crop looks bountiful.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Freya loves upsidedown time, but only when done by her boy. (Note: She's fine, he's the only one that can do this and she will literally go running up to him for this)."

That's not a cat, that's a bat cat.


3. "Box loaf ✔️ Notes: very handsome, does rectangle very well, cute foldy paws, eyes very expressive, has two bear paws on belly with fingers touching. 10/10 fluffy, 10/10 on catting, 10000000000000/10 perfect."

Go ahead and spring that trap, I dare ya.


4. "No think. Only leg."

Probably trying to get better reception of the cell.


5. "Get in loser, we're going sledding."

How is this a thing? HOW?



6. "Behold: Simon"

The relief I felt at meeting my first big deadline at my new job. POV: When your cat is, in fact, actually Snorlax.


7. "This is Bonanza Jellybean. Hims doin a heckin big lick."



8. "Get u someone that looks at you the way Richard looks at me.🥰"

"This is my hooman. I've heard others exist. But this is the best one." -Richard, probably.


9. "oh to be a cat sunbathing on a cart of books"

That's the life, the life for me (if I was a cat).


10. "Harpurr never skips paw day"

10/10 would make him their workout partner.

11. "When your cat is actually masquerading as a mobius strips. Or miaowbius strips."

Half-cat, half-pretzel.

12. "What’s he doing — wrong answers only."

And this kitty was Kung Fu Fighting... 🎶🎶

13. "So this is Ziggy my wall and ceiling dwelling cat. We have had to extract him more times than I care to mention. Thankfully we found his entrance spot and closed it up."

The king is back. All hail Ceiling Cat.


14. "That one time I brought a bag of carrots home 🤷"

So much Vitamin C(at).

15. Ankle ambush — incoming!

16. BONUS FUNNY DOG PICTURE: "I never thought I'd be 39 wearing a cheese helmet to do my dogs nails yet here I am living the dream"

I too aspire to this level of glam.