Why Is Regular Cat Grooming Important?

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Some people think that cats as being capable of handling their own grooming. However, it's important for cat owners to regularly groom their cats. Grooming is good for a cat's physical health. It's also a great way to increase your bond. All cats (regardless of their fur type) will need regular grooming. Yet long-haired cats will require more grooming than short-haired cats.


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Why regular cat grooming is important

Grooming not only helps cat look their best, it also keeps them feeling their best. Regular grooming can help remove dirt and other debris from your cat's fur. Regular brushing also prevents tangles in a cat's fur — and keeping mats from developing. Mats are not only unsightly, but they are also painful for cats and can lead to skin irritation.


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Regular grooming is an important part of a cat's wellness plan. Grooming allows you to keep a close eye on your cat's fur, eyes, skin, and ears. These parts tell you a lot about your cat's overall health. Regular grooming can detect new lumps and bumps that need to be examined by a veterinarian. Keeping up with your cat's grooming can also help you discover pets like fleas and ear mites early — so they can get treatment.


Start socializing your cat with grooming early

It's important to start socializing your cat to grooming as soon as possible. If you bring a kitten home, you'll want to start grooming them right away. Your kitten will get used to the sensation of being handled as they grow up. It's never too late to help your young cat to develop a positive association with grooming. Though adult cats can also learn to like grooming.


When introducing your cat to grooming, it's important to let them explore the grooming tools (like brushes and combs) that you'll be using. Lay them out and let your cat sniff around to get familiar with them — before starting to brush your cat.

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Creating a cat grooming routine

Creating a regular grooming routine can keep your house cleaner, and is beneficial to your cat. It's best to keep your cat's grooming sessions short and positive. You don't want to force your cat to endure long frustrating grooming sessions. Instead, you want to utilize positive reinforcement approaches where you use lots of praise and rewards — like treats — while grooming.



Spending a few minutes grooming each day or several days a week instead of one long grooming session can help your cat to have a much more positive relationship with grooming. Short-haired cats may only need a quick grooming once-over weekly. Long-haired cats might need more grooming daily or every other day. Pay attention to any signs of stress or discomfort while grooming and stop the grooming if your cat is uncomfortable.


What areas of a cat needs grooming?

Regularly brushing your cat's coat prevents mats and removes loose hair. It also helps reduce the risk your cat will get hairballs and it good for their skin. Even if your cat regularly grooms themselves, the extra help of you brushing them is good for your cat. Regular brushing supports distributes a cat's natural oils across their skin and through their fur.


When brushing your cat, pay attention to how their skin feels and if there are any bumps, scabs, or changes to the overall skin or skin texture. If you notice any changes mention them to your cat's veterinarian. It's also a good idea to look at your cat's eyes, nose, and ears to make sure everything looks normal. Any redness, irritation, or discharge should be discussed with your cat's veterinarian.


Another important area of grooming is nail trimming. Keeping your indoor cat's nails trimmed can help them have better traction when walking on hardwood and other slippery floors. It can also help prevent your cat's nails from growing into their paw pads.

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Don’t be afraid to get help with your cat's grooming

If you are struggling to get cat grooming sessions into your schedule, or you don't feel comfortable with doing the grooming yourself, you can book your cat an appointment with a professional cat groomer. A cat groomer can be helpful especially when caring for long-haired cats. They can help keep their fur clean and in good condition. A groomer will also be able to help you if your cat needs a sanitary groom. This type of grooming is where fur is cut or shaved — to make going in and out of the litterbox less messy for cats.

In summary

Regular grooming is essential for a cat's well-being. Even though many cats groom themselves, it's important for cat owners to make time to groom their cats. Regular brushing gives you the opportunity to check your cat's skin, coat, ear, and eyes. By doing this, you can detect any unusual growths or discharge that should be examined by a veterinarian. Introduce your cat to regular grooming slowly — to make the experience a positive one for you and your cat.


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