17 Cats Having the Best Dance Party Ever

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Why scratch the rug when you can cut it.

1. "This is my former foster baby who I get to watch grow through photos. 🥰🥰 I think he wants to join Micheal dancing Thriller. 😃"

2. "This is called a merengue, and is in 2/4 time...? He's leading his partner, but she isn't stepping forward like she is supposed to."

3. "Moose is trying to improve his break dancing. 🤣"

[Goes into spin mode]


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4. "Kai is dancing at a ska show. I cannot be convinced otherwise."

5. "Toasty is dreaming that he is finally fulfilling his four months life long dream of dancing in River Dance."

6. "Here's our man Smalls dancing for Sabrina...lol."

He's her private dancer, dancing for Nummies but any old nummies won't do.


7. "Felix hotstepping to a banger on the club floor"

8. ["Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey, Hello My Ragtime, Summertime Gal" plays in background]

Get this cat a top hat and cane already!



9. "I do Egyptian-style dance and she looks like she's about to do a sick belly roll."

10. "Doesn’t matter if it’s the Tango or Dougie. Autumn just likes to dance dance dance."

11. "Gatsby living out his dream of being a '20s era flapper"

12. "When you're trying to learn a new dance tutorial on YouTube but you have to go frame-by-frame or you keep missing a move."

13. "I snapped this picture of my sister and her cat having a dance off. 🤣"

14. "Get the boombox and throw down some cardboard asap!"

15. "I can’t decide if she’s dancing or getting abducted by aliens ?!?!"

16. "Now throw your paws in the air and wave 'em around like you just don't care."

17. "Gilou is having a dream… is he dancing at a ball? Or is he John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever'?"

Are we hooman, or are we dancer?


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