15 Pets Photobombing Delivery Notification Pictures

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This is definitely our new favorite thing.

1. "The delivery notification picture I received from Amazon today is too pure. 🐈 📦"

2. "She is not happy with late deliveries."

3. "Today my amazon delivery person did the cat spotting. Best delivery notification ever. 🤣"

4. "Forgot about my Amazon delivery... Dog was outside when delivery took place... The outcome:"

5. "So... my parents were wondering why the Amazon delivery guy always seemed so nervous when he was walking up to the house. Then we checked the confirmation photos he took and found these."

6. "Yesterday I was in the other room and I hear the Amazon guy having a full on conversation with my cat 'hey kitty how's it going? See any cool lizards today how about some birds? Well later kitty.' I was laughing so hard 🤣 I don't think he even knew I could hear him."

7. "So as an Amazon delivery driver, I am well aware that a lot of the dogs I come into contact with would prefer NOT to come into contact with me. But one of my responsibilities is to take a photo of the packages where they are left, and I didn’t notice this sweet baby angel In the pic until I got back to the truck."

8. "Our parcel but not our pet. 🤣"

9. "Sophie made her modeling debut in the Amazon delivery photo and she's perfect. 😍"

10. "As a dasher, I always try to get the animals in the pic if they're by the door. 🤣"

11. "Amazon delivery confirmation picture. 🤣🤣"

12. "I heard the words 'You are a cutie'. It was my Amazon delivery guy. Started to get mad. Then I heard him whistling. Got even madder. Then I realized he was trying to get his attention as he was taking the photo. LOL."

13. "Scuse delivery fren, is that my order of kibble?"

14. "Got an Amazon delivery and opened the door before the driver took the pic 😄 #hiddendogchallenge."

15. "I’m an Amazon delivery driver, and this is the best pic that I ever captured. He simply insisted on being in the photo. Sweetest boy EVER. I love meeting doggies on my route."


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