15 Silly Pets That Will Make You Giggle Today

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Copies and pastes the ROFL emoji in anticipation.

1. "Jackson giving us that good ol' razzle dazzle 😹"

2. "Came home to a clean house thanks to my amazing ladies and this kitten trying to help sweep up the cat hair"

Two days later.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

"So either kitten needs a kitten bed or we need a new dustpan. 🤷‍♀️"

3. "I know you think you’re being funny, but honestly Dave, it’s just hurtful."

Dave is such a jerk. Don't be like Dave.


4. "Heinz helping to pick a bedtime story for his toddler bestie 🥰"

5. "Because you can't spell Settlers of Catan without C-A-T"

6. "My dog was supposed to run over to me and sit"

I don't see how you can't award this pup at least partial credit for the assignment. 🤷 (Prove me wrong.)



7. "He throws his hands up in the air sometimes..."

8. “All authors have contributed equally to this manuscript”

9. "Donut's face when I told him he's getting neutered tomorrow. 😭"

10. "I present to you, the man of the house 🤣🤣"

11. "My sweet Courage could not contain his curiosity when I was inflating a neck traction device around my neck."

[Jack-in-the-box sproing sound]



12. "When you're trying to beat the throw to home plate"

13. "I don’t know what’s flooring me more: The dogs guilty face although he’s done nothing, or the wee witch of a cat seeing her chance and running with it. 😅"

14. "Salsa disapproves of Nacho’s inability to take obedient pictures for mom…"

15. "For a split second I thought something had gone terribly awry with my cat"


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