15 of the Cutest Sock Thieves to Ever Thief

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Stealing hosiery and stealing hearts.

1. "Samy the sock goblin looks like she's running out of a department store. She is the cutest thief❤"

2. "Can’t leave him alone fur 5 seconds on laundry day"

That side eye tho 🤣


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. "Like many capers gone awry, this one came undone when it came time to divvy up the illicit goods."

4. "Clean socks, dirty socks, Ted doesn’t care! He treats them like they’re his toys and often carries one up to snuggle at bedtime 🙈"

5. "That day in 2019 when we accidentally found out who keeps stealing and moving socks around the house. We have since started rewarding her for bringing them to us. She opens drawers and closets to get them!!"

6. [Henry Hill Goodfellas voice: "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster."]

Some kitty kleptos start at a young age.


7. "Mums little sock thief 🧦🤭"

8. "The culprit admiring his handiwork."

9. "Zero question as to where all the missing socks go in our house...."

10. "Yoinks! This is mine meow."

11. "The dog on the left clearly regrets some of the life choices that have led to this moment."

12. "No laundry room is safe when this repeat offender is prowling around"

13. "Your honor, the evidence presented against my client is inconclusive at best, and libelous at worst. The defendant may simply have been sniffing the sock, and then going innocently on its way."