14 Adorable Food Thieves With No Remorse

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It's not that these pets don't know they're not supposed to have "people food." It's that they don't care.

1. A daring strawberry heist!

2. "My 15-year-old deaf cocker thought he was being sneaky loudly stealing chips when the kids left the pantry open...I was right behind him."

3. Caught white pawed!

4. It's important to stay hydrated.

5. "Oh, you're home early."

6. He's just, uh, borrowing it?

7. Polly want a noodle.

8. "Lego and the peeled potato he stole."

9. Don't mind if I do!

10. Surely they won't notice one missing lettuce leaf.

11. This thoughtful thief is just saving you the work of dispensing treats one at a time.

12. "The cheese thief. He would’ve gotten away with it if 3-year-old didn’t tell on him."

13. In retrospect, a single green bean might not have been worth stealing.

14. In conclusion: it's important to discourage this behavior before it escalates.


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