15 Cats Living Their Best Life in the Garden

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Every garden needs a cat like every cat needs a garden.

1. "If I fits, I ribbits"

2. "Warfield is hard at work, helping me in the garden."

3. "Gertrude and Melchett having a competition to see who's best at hiding in the garden"

4. "Why do all my garden hoses have tiny holes in them?"

5. "Went to check out the garden, this morning, and found the garden checking me out. 🤣 Max is lucky I wasn't WATERING the garden. 😳 In all seriousness though, the garden is under expert surveillance."

[Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" plays in the background"]


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6. "I work at a garden store with a cat and every morning is a small game of 'where is that cat?' Today she really got me though. Pic of her up close in comments."

Stumped? Answer below ...







Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat. Let's just call it "garden-adjacent," okay?


7. "What do you think of our new hairy garden gnome? 😉❤️"

Needs a gnome hat to complete the look.



8. "This is my garden. This is not my cat. Just you make yourself comfy, mate."

9. "I call this one 'How To Grow Ginger In Your Backyard'"

10. "My ridiculous fancy girl playing peek-a-boo with the garden gate"

11. "Wake me up when the customers are gone"

12. "He'd push it off the counter if he could"

13. "It's not a cat tower but it'll do"

14. "Slinking through bluebells"

15. "Spend enough time in the garden and pretty soon you become one"


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