People Are Sharing Their “Least Flattering” Cat Pics & and It Is LOL Overload

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Most cats are graceful and composed. And then there are these kittehs.

1. "When you accidentally open the front camera"

Been there, done that.


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2. "This is Soupy. He’s a sweet boy."

3. "He woke up like this"

Truly a rude awakening.

4. "You'd crouch next to the heat vent too if you had no clothes on"

I hang out next to the vent with clothes on, so I get what's happening here.


5. "Put your best peets forward"

You could sit there for a million years and never capture that same image again.



6. "Hims sitting like a person"

Coverage at least.


7. "Bleppers gonna blep"

This is any cat's default reaction to ear skritches.


8. "I have what on my nose?!"

While tempting, I do not advise rubbing this cat's belly right now.


9. "That feeling when you finally catch the red string"

The hard work and sacrifice was worth it, I assure you.



10. "She's about to phaseshift into another dimension"

Take me with you!

11. "She's dreaming about endless breadsticks at Olive Garden."

Commence with the sleepytime drooling in 3, 2, 1 ...

12. "How cats floss their teeth"


13. "Clearly the camera is at fault here"

Just a tick too slow with the shutter button.

14. "This is Twitter"

Some cats have no shame.


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