16 Dogs Enjoying an Entire Cake by Themselves

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How often does one get an entire cake all to themselves? Humans typically have to share their birthday cakes or buy a cake and eat it all by themselves when no one is looking (a perk of living alone!). But dogs usually have to wait for an entire cake to be theirs. Luckily, these dogs finally got their big treats!


1. Vitto has never seen a more beautiful cake.

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2. If the cake doesn't look like you, is it even cake?

3. This likeness is astonishing!

4. They really captured my essence!

5. Pretty dogs deserve pretty cakes.

6. Battle of the ears!

7. Like lookin' in a mirror!

8. King really appreciates the details on his cake.

9. Perhaps this cake is too pretty to eat?

10. Six cupcakes pretty much make up an entire cake.

11. Only dogs can brazenly lick a birthday cake and get away with it.

12. Finn wanted his cake to pay homage to his favorite fluffy toy.

13. Saying grace before digging in!

14. Wow, this cake is Fancy with a capital F!

15. Cute but could've been bigger, honestly.

16. Plot twist: These two have to share their cake.

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