16 Cats Cozying Up Next to the Fireplace

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And by cozying up I mean literally getting as close to it as they can — without self-combusting.

1. "Shavvy continues to be fascinated by the fireplace, staring at it for long periods of time. I'm pretty sure the fire has awakened some ancestral witchy-ness and she's been chanting spells in her mind. Hopefully they're good spells 🤞🏽!"

Definitely plotting something nefarious right now.


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2. "I aspire to this level of chill ... or anti-chill chillness"

Relaxed mode: Activated.

3. "My Papá made me this super cozy fire last weekend. My purr levels went up to 11."

This is definitely the most interesting cat in the world.


4. "Get someone to look at you the way a cat looks at a crackling fire as a free source of warms. 😽 🔥"

Now, this is a glow up.


5. "Whooo this cat might get a sunburn if she gets too close to that fire!"

Just make sure you turn your cat over to keep the tan lines consistent.



6. "It’s a YouTube TV fireplace. Ernie doesn’t know…. or doesn't care."

We'll allow it.


7. "If there wasn’t glass and a screen on the front of the fireplace, he’d be in it. Bless his heart."

Charging that coat up.


8. "No joke, he actually dragged his bed closer to the fireplace to enhance the coziness."

And don't you dare move it away again.


9. "Tarzan runs to his stool when he notices that I intend to start a fire in the fireplace"

Cutest. Routine. Ever.


10. "Over summer, the heat-seeking Pouncer had forgotten the fireplace could do this. Now he is joyously reunited with his old friend."

He would climb in there if he could.

11. "Box + warm fire = happy cat!"

L-I-V-I-N the dream.

12. "I work hard so my cat can have a better fireplace to sleep in front of during the winter."

That's a bengal for ya.

13. "This looks like a scene from a Marvel scene when Thanos is about to collect another Infinity Stone"

Would watch.


14. "Earcraft C4RT3R to ground control, the craft has toppled over! I repeat, the earcraft is toppled over, possibly to intense hot air streams exhausting the craft. Awaiting instructions, passengers cozied down and unwilling to re-locate."

Ground Control has been dispatched.

15. "Pippin parked in front of her fireplace"

Move me when it's spring.

16. "Anytime the fireplace is on, I always know where to find Riley."

So predictable.


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