Dog Parents Are Going Wild For This Teeth-Cleaning Chew Toy

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Some dog owners know the woes of buying dog toy after dog toy, hoping that maybe one day there will be one that lasts more than a few days. Some dogs are very aggressive chewers and can rip apart a toy with little to no effort.

Another challenge is the ever-looming task of brushing their dog's teeth. Some dogs want nothing to do with the health maintenance task. But one amazing dog toy is trying to help remedy both of these problems. The HEYKEY carrot dog toy not only helps with teeth cleaning, but it can also help keep an energetic dog entertained.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

One of the coolest features of this dog toy is that when the dog bites the toy, a milk scent is released, which keeps a dog's attention and increases the dog's interest in playing with the toy. The toy is also made of safe, natural rubber. The rubber exterior helps with flexibility and bite resistance, providing long-lasting support for large or heavy chewers that really go to town on dog toys.

Chew toys can also help reduce dental plaque and gum bleeding in dogs. Some dental chew dog toys, like the carrot HEYKEY, can help rub off some of the soft plaque on a dog's teeth and gums — promoting better mouth health. Be sure to consult your dog's veterinarian regarding your dog's dental health before trying out this dental toy — especially if your dog has gum disease or other dental conditions.



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