15 Cats With Impeccable Study Habits

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You've been chiding your cat to get a job for years. "Why don't you go back to school!" you say, "get a job and contribute to this household!" The joke's on you: your cat took your advice, and now they need money for school supplies.

1. No, I haven't been pulling an all-nighter. Why do you ask??

2. The look of defeat when you realize you did next week's homework by accident

3. Maybe if I change positions, I can focus on how uncomfortable I am instead of how boring this book is.

4. Hey, do you know where the art section is?

5. Wow, student laptops just keep getting lighter and more portable!

6. A whole page of biology notes is needed to explain how mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

7. Study tip: do your homework next to a window to feel slightly less anxious about your life choices

8. Study hack! Save time on homework by physically absorbing information from the textbook

9. Sometimes you finish all your homework, and sometimes you end up staring at an empty corner not knowing how you got there

10. Show your work by shedding your hair all over the assignment

11. Oooh, I love these scented pencils!

12. $100 for a graphing calculator and I still have to do all of this by paw??

13. If I just stare at this long enough, the answer might come to me...

14. When you and your buddies get a little wild after a long night at the library

15. Study tip: stay hydrated and light a nice candle while you work


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